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Best laundromat ever! The cleanest facility I have seen in Lexington with the most helpful staff! Ken is the best!
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Daphne Clay Nicol Avatar
Daphne Clay Nicol
I've used this laundry mat for the last year. Employees are always friendly and helpful. Nice when you are recognized and not just a number to them! Thank you!
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Crystal Naayers Avatar
Crystal Naayers
Nice clean place with loads of new washers and dryers.
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William Brooks Avatar
William Brooks
Very clean, helpful staff. Will continue to use until my washer and dryer is fixed😊
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Carol Taylor Avatar
Carol Taylor
Appreciate how clean it is, facility and the machines. As well as the attendant. He is sweet and very helpful. Def my go to place.
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Taylor Holloway Avatar
Taylor Holloway
Very clean very nice staff good place to do your laundry they deep clean there machines very very well compared to other laundry mats
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Solomon Hubbard Avatar
Solomon Hubbard
I love this place. It is clean, convenient, and the staff is extremely nice. This is by far the best laundry mat I have ever been to.
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Andrew Carroll Avatar
Andrew Carroll
The very best service you could ask for. They helped us with the scent we wanted on our clothes and they will keep our Services with the Lighthouse downtown Ministry.... Tay Henderson
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Eunice Horn Avatar
Eunice Horn
North Lime Laundry is Great! This business is clean and the staff was excellent with assistance! Ken especially was knowledgeable and very helpful! I fully recommend!
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Daneka Wilson Avatar
Daneka Wilson
This place is amazing , facility is very helpful and very welcoming. They gave me lots of helpful ideas about the laundry unit. Also they wear gloves 🧤 to do your laundry for you and give notification to you when your laundry is done. Also there’s an app for this laundry place it’s called speed queen. So please Visit this place is one in a million times better than any other laundry place in Lexington.
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Emma Warren Avatar
Emma Warren
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Ellen Cowherd Avatar
Ellen Cowherd
Great place to go and wash Clothes. Great atmosphere along with the people who work thr
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Toshia Bradley Avatar
Toshia Bradley
Clean facility, kind and helpful staff, easy to navigate app. Only place in Lexington I'll wash my clothes!!
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Kelsie Bailey Avatar
Kelsie Bailey
Mugusta. Ay Mucha labadora
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Estela Rio Avatar
Estela Rio
The place is always clean the staff is always super friendly the machines work perfectly it's reasonable price and the even offer free drying on Wednesday there's nothing to dislike of the owners we see often she is an amazing woman very friendly and very helpful and I love you can use your cell phone to add funds start washer and dryer and get notified when the dryer or washer is about to be done. As well as the option to use your quarters or the machine to get change for those who don't want to use there phone . The snacks drinks n candy are also priced satisfactory.they really need more people and places like this place.
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Lora Dunham Avatar
Lora Dunham
Looks so new. Very Friendly Staff.
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Stephen Avatar
I’ve been coming here for two years now and have such a great experience I’ve put off even buying my own washer/dryer. The owners and employees are fantastic and there isn’t a better place to do laundry in lexington. The facility is clean and comfy. I’ve even made friends with most employees here and actually look forward to going to catch up when I am able.
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Theo Malpica Avatar
Theo Malpica
This laundry place is top grade very clean owners go above and beyond to help you in anyway they can very kind and helpful
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Marjorie Hopper Avatar
Marjorie Hopper
Awesome, highest tech fastest washing & incredible final rinse using hi speed centrifuge technology meaning chockingly (sic) less drying time required. Unexpected incredibly more cleaning power than any other manmade machine who taught SpeedQueen hownd to do dis aliens from outer space? Searsly Sometimes they may not be open at 8 am but we all run late occasionally be forgiving its well worth the wait Duh machines use powerful centrifuge final rinse meaning less dry time. Free dry time every Wednesday subject to change without notice busy day deyuh wednesdayze. DON'T GO NOWHERE ELSE HEE HEE HEE HAW HAW (refrain)
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john fritz Avatar
john fritz
I WANT THE BEST at the BEST PRICE . . . North Lime Laundry IS IT!!! New, Clean, State of the Art front loader washers/dryers which are Huge and very clean. For your CONVENIENCE they have about 32 washers/dryers on a roomy but compact floor plan. Nice wide screen TV. This place is temperature controlled & comfortable. NEVER hot but nice and cool. Chairs are comfortable & free coffee. Great service & FORGET the OTHER places! GO TO NORTH LIME!!! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!
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Frank Tsela Avatar
Frank Tsela
This is the perfect laundromat. It real moves mountains and makes getting laundry done a breeze. I won’t wash anywhere else ????????
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Titana Mayhorn Avatar
Titana Mayhorn
This laundromat is absolutely amazing! I came in today with alooot of laundry and the owner personally took care of me and all my laundry needs! There app system was down (1st time this happened since they opened, over a year ago) and she went above and beyond the call of duty ensuring I got the right machine and even inserted all the quarters for me!! This place does it right!! 5 star customer service and then some! I never thought id be saying that about a laundromat, but truth be told, your laundry isn’t being done right unless you do it here!
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Brian Rankin Avatar
Brian Rankin
Clean, Efficient and Extra Friendly staff!! Kendra was a great help.
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Joey Highland Avatar
Joey Highland
The owners are great
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timothy hollingsworth Avatar
timothy hollingsworth
The people are always polite and the place is always clean...They have coffee available and donuts on Saturday morning... Great place and if something is wrong fixes the problem immediately
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Kandiee Dymond Avatar
Kandiee Dymond
Clean and washers and dryers work great ?
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Carolyn Starr Avatar
Carolyn Starr
Very nice .clean all the time and they have many washers/dryers.i go once a week and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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Wendy Carroll Avatar
Wendy Carroll
Beautiful facility, friendly and helpful staff. Great price for quality machines. Dr Riggs
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P Megibben Avatar
P Megibben
I'm always a bit uneasy about going to laundry places since you usually have to deal with tons of quarters and shoddy equipment, but this place was excellent! They use the Speed Queen app for the equipment that makes it easy to pay and see how many machines are in use after you register in the app, so you can check before you go if it's busy and how long each machine has left. Washers and dryers are surprisingly fast and reasonably priced as well. The guy who owns/runs the place—Bruce—was ridiculously nice and helpful. Today was my first time going there and I'll definitely be back every time I need to do laundry.
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Jason Custer Avatar
Jason Custer
Great experience people are nice and helpful
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Rodney Williams Avatar
Rodney Williams
Staff are great .very nice and clean facilities.
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Ronald Arnett Avatar
Ronald Arnett
I love this place. The app is really convenient.
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Kishwar Smith Avatar
Kishwar Smith
Great Laundromat...Touch screen panels, easy pay, clean machines.
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LadyD 77 Avatar
LadyD 77
Clean location, friendly staff,and temperature was very mild ,70ish
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Mark Estepp Avatar
Mark Estepp
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john fritz Avatar
john fritz
The area is very spacious and clean, including the bathrooms. The washers and dryers are up-to-date and they even have contactless payments which I absolutely love. The only thing is be ready to pay about 225 per load. Which is a little pricier than most laundromats, but considering the quality experience that you get from this place, I think it’s worth it
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Christine Rice Avatar
Christine Rice
I recently moved and had a ton of linens and laundry. Used the wash and fold service. This place is amazing! They did such a fabulous job and were so fast. Thank you!
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Barbara Rubin Avatar
Barbara Rubin
This laundromat is great! Clean, helpful staff members and state of the art laundry machines. Great addition to north Lime neighborhood
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LexTown Kat Avatar
LexTown Kat
I went here for the first time this week, and my experience was excellent! Andrea personally showed me around the place, recommended which washers to use for the size of my load, and even helped me load my clothes into the machines. The place is immaculate, has comfortable seating, tables for folding laundry, parking, free wifi and a vending machine. You can also use a card if you don’t have cash, which I rarely do. There’s also an app you can download to use the machines as well. They’re running a special right now where if you buy a laundry bag for $8, from then on whenever you use it you get a free dry. Awesome place!
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Shannon Foreman Avatar
Shannon Foreman
I can not say enough good things about North Lime Laundry. It is a wonderful addition to Lexington. It is a clean environment offering state of the art speed queen machines in various sizes. The staff is helpful and kind. I recently started using their wash and fold services. My things were folded beautifully and sorted better than I would have done myself. I highly recommend! I am looking forward to trying their door dash feature soon!
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omar and elsie Avatar
omar and elsie


1003 North Limestone
Suite 120
Lexington, KY 40505

Open 7 Days A Week
8am – 10pm (last load in 9:15)